Instead of Wasting money on Wars that kill people why not invest Tax Payers Money developing “FUNTASEA” in your Country for your people?


I conceived FUNTASEA and Olympia City in 1972; by design FUNTASEA would be a money maker and a Humanitarian Project like no other.

In order to appreciate this Presentation please note that with much pride I renamed the word “Retirement” to “RELIVING”…

It would be a big mistake if you the reader will assume that FUNTASEA is strictly for Seniors. Please read with an open mind and enjoy…

Every country should have FUNTASEA and Olympia City. Why? keep reading I will explain why…

Below is an Image of ancient Olympia in Greece, See:

With sufficient money and the Workings of qualified professionals I also wish to create a Modern Olympia honoring the memory of the Original Olympia City of Greece.

As you know the Olympics are held in different Countries every four years, what I am dreaming about is to create similar amenities in every Country and such amenities would remain available for the World to enjoy all year long and for ever… (Never dismantled)

Where will the  first FUNTASEA and Olympia City be?  I do not know time will tell…

“Olympia City” would be the birthplace of  ‘FUNTASEA’ and vise versa

FUNTASEA is  my Concept …

I envision FUNTASEA to include the introduction of the Condals, the AQUARANT, the Cash-less CaZino, the cleanest Man-made Lagoon in the World, the usage of Large Hover Crafts as means of transportation and attraction, a one of a kind World Exhibit, one of a kind Museum and many other unique amenities thatI foresee and other amenities yet to be invented by me (Dalli) and others.

The proposed FUNTASEA project is intended to be more exciting then any Resort in the World!

As the name implies, FUNTASEA’s objective is to offer people ‘FUN’ and ‘FANTASIES’ by the ‘SEA’.


Everyone knows that People go on vacations to Relax, have Fun, and Shop and generally prepared to SPEND MONEY.


Visiting FUNTASEA would be a Fantasy in itself…

Ideally FUNTASEA is to be developed near the Sea and by design would have a great deal of views of the Sea. (At FUNTASEA, virgin Beach-fronts will remain virgin!)

FUNTASEAS could also be developed by Governments for their People inland if the Counties are so situated. (Without Beach fronts)

I do not object if Governments Copy my FUNTASEA Concept for their People, as a matter of fact I would applaud them for so doing.

RELIVING Paradise For seniors

The intent is for FUNTASEA to help subsidize the Paradise on Earth for Seniors; Seniors would be able to live in a Resort atmosphere afford-ably, and would be honored and respected as they should be.

Conditionally, FUNTASEA could become part of Social Security (an Add-on)  at no cost to US Government or US Tax Payers!


The intent is for FUNTASEA to allow all Children to utilize all of the planned Sports facilities for free, giving them future hope towards the Olympics! (Hence the name ‘Olympia City’)


My dream is to develop a FUNTASEA on a large parcel of Land; the bigger the better…

Among other things, such land needs to be situated by the sea, having a warm Climate all year long, close to a Commercial Airport, close to a Hospital, and accessible by Land and Sea as well. (I repeat this is a Dream of mine)


The Concept”

The following is a partial list of amenities proposed for the first FUNTASEA Project.

1) Apartments for Seniors and designed for Seniors’ Comfort.

2) Several FUNTASEA Hotels featuring my Concept “Condals”. (Condals are special Condos designed to convert to multiple Hotel rooms!)

3) A Man made Lagoon. (My Concept, designed to be the cleanest and safest Lagoon in the World)

4) The AQUARANT. (My invention, see

5) Marina.

6) A Cash-Less CAZINO. (My Concept; subject to obtaining Government approval) If a regular Las Vegas like Casino would be allowed, such would also be added on.

7) A Golf course. (Full scale)

 8) Support.

9) Future Developments.

10) Passenger Ship/Casino/Hotel if situated by the Sea (If Government would allow a Gambling Casino, such a Ship would not be required.

11) Fishing Barge/s.

12) Large Hover Crafts.

13) World Exhibit.

14) The Gideon Art Collection/Museum. (If the Art would still be available for sale)

15) International Village.

16) Sports Center.

17) Other Attractions/Inventions, yet to be conceived and developed.

  1. Apartments for  Seniors

It is this concept that will insure the success of the entire FUNTASEA Resort! (It is here that one might think that I am being too good and being too generous?) Do not jump to any conclusions, please read on.

It is a fact that most Retired Seniors living in the USA live on Social Security. This income alone is generally not enough for Seniors to live on comfortably, since in the USA the standard of living is high.

I am certain that retired Seniors living in other Countries are faced with a similar situation.

At Dalli’s FUNTASEA Reliving Paradise, Seniors would be able to live like Kings and Queens, with this same low income in a Resort… a Paradise like environment.

These Apartments would be “Furnished” and would be affordable.  In order to be fair to Seniors, we would make these Apartments available via a Lottery System.

After everything is said and done, it would be OK with me if no profit is generated from these Special Senior Apartments!

So why bother with such a huge undertaking if no Profits would be in the making?

It is true that the above may seem ridiculous, why bother with developing such Apartments for Seniors with no profit in mind?

The answer!

I believe that generally speaking, young people do not like to see their elderly Mothers and/or Fathers or Grand Parents living in a bad environment. (Too depressing and heartbreaking) So much so, that they might not visit them as often due to this fact?

By creating these special Reliving apartments in a Resort atmosphere, I believe that Seniors would see more of their Children, because of this proposed very Happy Resort environment. (Just using logic/common sense)

When visiting, where will such visitors/Family Members stay? They would of course stay at the planned FUNTASEA Hotels and pay the normal Hotel Fees. (Hence the Hotels’ Profits will help support the Reliving facilities).

  1. The FUNTASEA Hotels

By catering to Seniors’ younger relatives, the FUNTASEA Hotels and other future Hotels would enjoy a higher occupancy.

The FUNTASEA Hotels would be developed with numerous unique Concepts and advantages!

The Hotel Rooms would actually be Condominiums/Condals that convert to Hotel rooms.

A New Concept

When I conceived the Aquarant concept, (In 1972) I also thought of a new Hotel interior design.

I thought of the idea of building a Structure that looks like a Hotel, but by design the interior would consist of especially designed Condominiums which I have named Condals. Con means with and dal is part of my last name; a single unit is referred to as a “Condal”. (Condal Condominium)

These Condals are so designed that from the Hallways no one would know that these are Condals since the general Public would see such Structures as “Hotels. The difference being that the Condals convert to separate Hotel rooms!


A one Bedroom Condal (Model ‘A’ converts to two separate Hotel Rooms A two Bedroom Condal (Model ‘B’) converts to three separate Hotel rooms and A two Story 3 Bedroom Condal (Model ‘C’) converts to 4 separate Hotel Rooms.(Model ‘C’ is designed for the well to do since it would be very classy and expensive)

Ideally, these Condals would be sold to famous people such as Entertainers, Movie Stars, famous people in Sports, etc. as an Investment prior to the opening of the FUNTASEA Resort.

The following should clarify the reason why I hope to sell Condals to Famous people

Each Condal would have a plaque attached to the main door, with the name of its famous Owner.

(If people like Movie Stars, Famous Entertainers, etc. were to buy these Condals as Investments, this fact alone would make the entire Resort more interesting and famous, especially when the media gets a hold of such news)

The intent of these Special Condals, is to sell these Condals to investors with mandatory leaseback. When not in use by the Owners/Investors, these Condals would be rented out (as per their design) as Hotel Rooms.

The Prices of these Condals would be evaluated by utilizing a projected 70% occupancy factor, divided by two and using a 12% Cap rate. By so doing, the Investors purchasing these Condals, would receive 12% Return if they paid all cash for their Condal. (This is considered a very good return on the Investment by any standard)

A Condal Investment using Model ‘B’ as an example: (Purposely conservative numbers)

Model ‘B’ converts to 3 Hotel rooms that would rent for $80 Dollars per Room Daily (365 days) $240.00 per day X 365 = $87,600.00 X 70% = $61,320 divided by 2 = $30,660 (50% to the Condal Owner and 50% to the Hotel Owner) Divided by .12 (12% Cap Rate) = $255,000.00

Model ‘B’ would sell for $255,000.00 (This is probably a very conservative figure)

I am hoping that experts would conclude that this Concept ‘Hotel/Condals’ is feasible and that it would in deed make more money for FUNTASEA, since theoretically there would be no mortgage payable for said Hotel/Condals. The Tax write-offs would be in favor of the Owners of the Condals. As I said this is a Concept and this would need to be analyzed by experts in the Hotel Field and CPAs.

It is hoped that these Condals could be sold prior to the opening of the FUNTASEA Resort.

The Exterior of such Hotels, will also be designed differently…

I have a concept in mind that came to me while I was at a Hotel in Cancun Mexico. Most Hotels in Mexico rely on their great Climate, especially so in Cancun. As long as it is Sunny everyone is happy. This one-day it rained all day and people were lost, they did not know what to do, they purchased Books and Newspapers in order to occupy their time. (I recall many people looking sad)

With what I have in mind for the FUNTASEA Hotels, it would not make a difference if it rained or snowed, if it were too hot or too cold. In other words without my divulging my concept at this time, let me just say that there would be an area that would be Fun, comfortable and safe from the outside elements all of the time.

  1. The Man made Lagoon

There are many reasons for developing the Man made Lagoon, including:

A) It would be a great Attraction.

B) A pristine body of Water to swim in and would be designed to be the cleanest man made Lagoon in the World.

C) Controlled body of Water with no concern of extreme low tide or large dangerous fish, i.e. Sharks.

D) Designed from the outset to accommodate the Aquarant and Water Shows and other Attractions/surprises.

E) The Sandy Beach around the Lagoon would consist of filtered sand to complement the Lagoon.

F) By adding this Lagoon to the Project, a better, larger cleaner safer Beach area would be developed for people to enjoy.


The Aquarant will be one of FUNTASEA’s Hotel’s main Attractions; to be built at the same time when the Man made Lagoon is built. (While digging, before the sea water is let in) By so doing the Aquarant could be constructed for much less money.

The AQUARANT could be built inland as well, to see what I mean please visit

  1. Marina

A state of the Art Marina would be constructed and maintained by experts.

  1. Cashless CAZINO. (A new Concept, subject to obtaining Government approval) The “Z” stands for Zero money…

A Cashless Cazino is just that, people would be able to play with similar Machines such as those found in regular Casinos, except all Games would be played with no money. The beauty of this Concept is that people would not lose any money, yet, they could WIN items of value. If the Government approves this Concept, this could become a HUGE asset to the FUNTASEA Project. (To my knowledge, no Resort has this System of Play/Amenity)

  1. A full scale Golf course

This Golf course would be situated near the Condals situated by the Lagoon. By also offering an on going contest; Hole in one, this should Attract also Golfers to this FUNTASEA Resort.

  1. Support

Including: Utilities, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Desalination Plant, Power plant, Water Storage, Site Utilities, Landscape, Needed Roads, Parking, Amenities, Apartment Complexes, shopping Center, Gasoline Station, etc.

  1. Future Development

Future lots of approximately 20-Acre Parcels to be developed later on.

  1. Passenger Ship/Casino/Hotel (This may not be required if a Regular Casino is allowed)

I will not go into details here; however, if a Passenger Ship/Casino/Hotel would become part of FUNTASEA, it would be a new Concept for FUNTASEA.

  1. Fishing Barge/s

We would start out with one (1) especially designed Fishing Barge. Such a Barge would be anchored out to Sea intended for Fishing Competitions. Additional ones could be added if and when needed.

  1. Large Hover Crafts

At least two large hovercrafts would be required in order to compliment the overall plan of this FUNTASEA Project.

These Crafts would be considered as Attractions; however, they would be an integral part of the Workings of this FUNTASEA Concept.

  1. World Exhibit In this planned Exhibit 

  2.  World Governments would be invited to participate, to show off whatever items they wish to show to the rest of the World. 

  3. The Gideon Art Collection/Museum (See:

This collection (Was listed years ago for sale for $300 Million USD) it was then offered to me for a huge Discount if placed in a Museum at the FUNTASEA Resort. (Assuming the Art collection would still be available)

16 International Village

This Village would consist of Special Shops and Restaurants, (perfect Duplicates) of Famous Shops and Restaurants situated in different Countries.

17  SPORTS CENTER. (Olympia City)

Children would benefit by such a development. 

These Facilities would also be available to vacationers, retired Seniors…

My idea here is to eventually develop all of the Sports facilities known to Man

Aquatics, Diving, Swimming, Synchronized swimming, Water Polo, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Conoeing, Slalom, Sprint, Cycling, BMX, Mountain biking, Road, Track,  Equestrian,  Dressage, Eventing, Jumping      Fencing, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Handball, Judo, Modern Penthathlon, Rowing, Rugby Sevens, Sailing, Shooting, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Triathlon,  Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling,  Freestyle, Greco-Roman, Baseball, Softball, Karate, Aquash, Golf, Roller Sports, and Rugby and a few Indoor Winter Sports facilities.  As you can imagine this is a huge undertaking…

By so doing, this would create more choices/fun for Vacationers and retired Seniors and at the same time children would be able to utilize (For Free) all such facilities. This proposed Sports Center would most likely become one of the most important amenities to this project. (Possibly the most important)

(A) In a sense when Children play, utilizing FUNTASEA’s Facilities, this would be a form of entertainment for most spectators.

(B) These Sports Facilities would also encourage Children to Play/participate, and by so doing, certain talented Children might then have the opportunity to eventually participate in the Olympics!

(C) Talent is God given; therefore all Children should be given a chance to compete. (Rich or poor)

By having such a Sports Center, (With the Olympic type facilities) People from all over the World could visit FUNTASEA, especially Families that have talented Children; the reason being that such Children would be able to practice their Sport at FUNTASEA’ facilities while away from home. At the same time, Mom and Dad would enjoy their Vacation, knowing that they would not disrupt their Children’ Practices.

18 Other Attractions/Inventions, yet to be conceived and developed.

At the appropriate time, we would Advertise and issue a World Challenge “A Contest”, offering  high rewards to the parties that could invent the best new Attractions that would help FUNTASEA become even more famous, WORLDWIDE!

A Special Note to All Governments:

Imagine what would happen if Each Country were to develop a FUNTASEA for their People… Can you imagine the Fun future generations would have? How Interesting it would be for people to visit the different Olympia/FUNTASEAS World Wide and the Friendly Competitions that would take place. Does this not sound better than wasting money on Weapons of mass destruction? Certainly the Cost of FUNTASEAS would be much less than Wars and people especially Seniors would feel like Reliving not being Killed by Wars.

I am hoping and praying that the Word “FUNTASEA” will replace the ugly Word “War”…

Should you wish to reach me, please do so via Email at:  

Thank you for reading this lengthy Presentation. Much appreciated.


Aloysius Dalli

The below are my Websites which you may find interesting…

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    I’ve followed you for a long time, and always felt that your Funtasea concept, was a splendid idea. I can’t wait to see it come to pass.

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      Thank you Ms. Reed to break the ice!!! I have added your response to my Journal as number 1. I am anxious to see how long it will take for my Journal to read 100? People’s Time is precious and is much appreciated by me. Hopefully people will see your response and will start commenting as you have done and that is commenting regarding my FUNTASEA Presentation. Thanks again… Dalli

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    To all people,

    You have a standing invitation to read all that I have written regarding FUNTASEA, especially my FUNTASEA Presentation: and then write your comments accordingly. Please also include where you live. The City and Country. Thank you. Dalli. (Las Vegas,USA)

  4. daniel Fucetola says:

    I like the new presentation . I’ve been a fan of your project for some time now.

    Maybe this project could be built under a native American tribal joint venture/ partnershipl pursuit?

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