Jewelry inspired by The Flag Of World Peace. By: Aloysius Dalli

I created this Web page on 5/17/2018

It is going to happen…

I wish every Tall building would have my Flag of World Peace as shown on the above Image. Via Photoshop I placed one Flag of World Peace on a Sky Scraper image appearing as if I am looking at it …

Also during any Red Carpet Event such as The Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmy and Grammy, ETC… I wish Famous People would  wear my World Peace Jewelry to show Support of World Peace.

I believe that many People from all over the World would start wearing the World Peace Jewelry once they become available for sale to show support of World Peace…

Below is a Beautiful Painting of a Woman Day dreaming, I added a World Peace Earring on her to indicate that she might be thinking of World Peace…

Now to my Presentation…

This Presentation is about Jewelry which I designed from my Invention: “The Flag of World Peace”.

The Flag of World Peace Jewelry consists of the following three items:

  1. The Top: A round Diamond or Zirconia stone,
  2. The red Pole/Stem: Made of Silver and painted Shiny Red and
  3. The Flag: An oblong  Zirconia stone

This Jewelry is designed for all people, people that wish to Champion “World Peace”…  Including Men, Women, Children.  (Even certain Animals could have similar jewelry).

This is just a sampling of jewelry showing The Flag of World Peace…  “Who does not want “World Peace” ?

As to “Beautiful Jewelry”, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… I am not presenting “Beauty”, I am presenting “Love of People and A wish for World Peace”

I am of the opinion that people will buy the World Peace Jewelry to express that they wish for World Peace and not because the item is beautiful.

These jewelry could be Expensive if Diamonds are used or inexpensive if Zirconia stones are utilised…

Here are just a few Jewelry items of the Flag of Peace/Samples for you to review:

This is not a Religious Web Page, I placed the above photos first because of the subject matter; “World Peace”. Out of respect I had difficulty placing the Flag of World Peace Jewelry on the Pope and Dalai Lama, so I decided to simply place The Flag of World Peace where I did. (The background)

The above is me, Aloysius Dalli wearing my Cowboy Hat and The Pin of World Peace…

I obtained the above photos of First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady Melania Trump via Google because I think they are both Beautiful Ladies and I am certain that they both favor World Peace.  Via Photoshop I placed the Brooch of World Peace on both First Ladies and I think the Brooch looks great on them. Do you agree?

Above is Mr, Stephen Colbert and he Champions for a better World; this is why I placed his photo here and I placed the Flag of World Peace Pin on his Jacket. Since Mr. Colbert is a comedian I placed a second Flag of World Peace on the Tip of his finger! I wish he could see himself here… I know he would laugh… He looks like he is saying: “See what I can do?”

For Ladies and young Girls

  For Ladies and young Girls

  For Ladies and young Girls

 For Ladies and young Girls

For Ladies and Young Girls

This man is not talking, however, he is expressing something very important that he is Championing “World Peace”.

 For Men and Boys…

A tie Pin for Men and Boys

 For Men and Boys

This Dog is a Champion for “World Peace” and proud of it!  Do you see he is publicizing how he feels… WOW!!!

When not Sleeping, this Cat tells everyone ” meows” that he is for World Peace. You can see what I mean by looking at his determined Eyes and Stiff Whiskers…

From my point of view anyone that Publicizes “World Peace” is a Winner even if the Flag of World Peace is painted on Cloth for the World to see… I am not just about Jewelry I am about World Peace and LOVE…


A simple message:

I placed the above image to express the LOVE I have for Humanity.


Aloysius Dalli

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