Photos of People that wish for World Peace and LOVE

This Web Page has been created on 4/28/2018

I am starting this page with my Photo, I hope you will join me… (Submit nice respectful Pictures only please) Also feel free to make a short comment with your photo. Thank you…

I Feel certain that the beautiful First Lady Melania Trump is for World Peace. I sent to her the Flag of World Peace Pendant, I hope she will wear it.

Actually these two Heads of State gave me the Idea to create this Page. I hope and pray other Countries will make Peace as well; “Congratulations President Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in”

Any and all photos that will be placed here would simply mean that they are for World Peace.

Angela Chan, A good Friend and well known as an Admin on Facebook.

You are The Light of the World! Shine brightly! Roxanne Blaum

I told this pretty Girl that I love her because of the T Shirt she is wearing!

I love you Aloysius Dalli like a Son loving his Father. Sincerely, Anthony Park

Aloysius Dalli Mio Caro, I love what you are doing for World Peace and I love your Invention “The Flag for World Peace”. (I like the meaning of the Flag very much)  Ms. Jazeera Safdar Arizha Situated in Italy…

Dalli,  “This Photo is for You”… Thank you Beautiful Lady Ms. Jazeera Safdar Arizha, I wish you the very best.

This Woman is not only Beautiful, she is Captivating. (She draws you in) I know that no human is perfect, however, looking at this Woman’s Face she must be 99.99 Perfect…

Here below is another Beautiful Woman, in a word, “Perfection”… WOW!

The above image is not about World Peace directly, however, it is about beautiful Love.  See this Video, it will move you:

I wish such love existed worldwide for we would have World Peace.

Aloysius Dalli

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