What The American People Deserve

Just my opinion

World Peace

Decent wages for all Americans and legal residents; Men and Women

No Income Tax and no IRS, the American people should be able to do what they wish with the money they earn.(A Fair Tax on everything purchased would be much better)

Free Health Care with no co-pay; including Dental and dental implants when needed.

Higher Social Security Benefits and the development of my Concept FUNTASEA, see: www.funtasea.com

Affordable Housing

Affordable good healthy food

Affordable Medicine

No more Homeless People

Complete overhaul of the US Infrastructure

Clean Air

Clean Potable Water.

The thinking of the US Government must change, here are just two Examples:

  • The US Government should spend money to prevent Forest Fires not spend millions of Dollars trying to put out Large Forest Fires after the Fires destroy the land! This is Stupid.
  • The Us Government should spend money to prevent Flooding and Mud-slides especially so in the Midwest where floods occur yearly.  Such could be prevented by constructing large reservoirs underground and to have such water pumped to where needed. (Perhaps pumped to help prevent Forest Fires?)

A new Government for the American People is needed, not for just Republicans or just Democrats or just Independents but for “All the American People”. (A Government that Unites not Divides!)

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights need to be updated.

The American Democracy needs to be fixed, when the American People Vote for People in Office their Vote should count and not a Third Party such as the Electoral college!

(The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens)

The way I read this it means that most Americans are not qualified to Vote! If this is so why should Americans waste their time voting?

I believe in the “Popular Vote” for I respect all Americans.

America needs Politicians that earn a place in Government by convincing Americans to Vote for them because of what they will do for America and not because they have the ability to raise Millions of Dollars to Advertise and to trash their opponents.

It should be made illegal for politicians to request donations from the American People and to trash their opponents…

All of the above could come to be if the US Government would stop wasting Tax Payers’ money.

The list of Waste by the US Government is huge; see one opinion: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/nov/27/james-lankfords-government-waste-report-totals-ove/

There are many other reports about the US Government wasting Tax Payers’ Money, just Google: “Waste by the US Government” and you would see for yourself…

I believe that the biggest waste and shame is having the US Armed Forces deployed almost worldwide!

The US Armed Forces should be brought back home to Protect America and to help Fix America’s infrastructure….

I truly believe that the Large US Government and the Large US Armed Forces and Wars have Bankrupted America.

I wrote this Presentation because I love America and the American People.

I also love all Good People no matter where they live;  the proof of this is my Invention: The Flag of World Peace, see: http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=2078

I welcome any comments by you the readers via Email. Thank you…

I thank you for your time.


Aloysius Dalli


May Peace be with you…

I created the above image about two years ago, (I called it The Love Image) however, I just added the image of the Flag of World Peace which I invented recently;  I placed the Flag of World Peace on the Row boat as you can see above…