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    Posted on May 12, 2012 by funtasea in Articles.
    Dear Associate/Friend,Do you own a Web site? If so do us both a favor and visit www.alexa.com
    then type in the URL of your Web site to see your Alexa Rating…In case you are not aware, the lower the Alexa numbers, the more popular your
    Web site is. (Example: GOOGLE is number 1 and FACEBOOK is number 2)My www.dalligold.com Web site has an Alexa rating of:

    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 2,622,165 Global RankUnited States Flag 261,957 Rank in US

    My www.funtasea.com  Web site has an Alexa rating of:
    Alexa Traffic Rank Reputation
    Global 1,163,564 Global RanUnited States Flag 121,903 Rank in US

    As you can see above, my FUNTASEA web site is more popular than that of DalliGold Web site…

    If your Alexa rating is better than my FUNTASEA rating, good for you, you are doing very well…
    but if your Alexa rating is not as good as my FUNTASEA Web site, I suggest that you visit
    www.funtasea.com and write a Comment regarding FUNTASEA…
    By so doing, my FUNTASEA Web site would increase in popularity and at the same time you would
    Advertise your URL on my Web site for Free…
    Also your URL would be placed on “Dalli’s Journal… See: http://www.funtasea.com/?page_id=693

    I am hoping that you believe in the Concept of: “One Hand Washes the Other”…

    I think  my offer is a Fair Offer…
    You write one (1) Comment about FUNTASEA on my FUNTASEA Comment page
    and in turn you receive two Free Advertisements as described above.

    I am hoping you will take the time to write a comment regarding FUNTASEA…


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2 Responsesso far.

  1. Ed Torres says:

    Considering the age of Funtasea.com, this site is doing remarkably well.

    Congratulations! Your efforts are the main reason for your results.

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