• This is a true moving Story and it happened to Dalli earlier Today! It is about the Joy of Giving…

    Posted on April 27, 2012 by funtasea in Articles.

    Dear All,

    This is a bit embarrassing, however, I felt I must share what happened to me earlier today with all of you.

    Earlier today I wrote a blog about Love, Friendship and Trust, See: http://dalligold.com/DGBlog2/?p=12598 afterwards I went to the Grocery Store to buy a few items.

    The Grocery Store I went to is a walking distance and it is called a 99 cents Store, however,  in reality everything in this Store is $1.00 for each item, no matter the item.

    I picked 12 items that I needed and proceeded towards the Cashier… I do not know why, the line was rather lengthy and slow…

    In front of me was a black man and we had a short but friendly conversation while waiting for our turn, as we approached the cashier, I noticed that there were numerous baskets on the floor that were not properly inserted above each other, so I straightened them out… with that the gentleman ahead of me with a smile stated to me: “Wow you are a Stickler, this Store should hire you”… (In other words he complemented me because I like to see things in proper order).

    Before I go on with this Story, I am a clean person, I had shave this morning, my hair was properly combed, I wore a nice pair of Shorts and a nice T shirt, in other words I looked like a normal person and not like a Bum or a Homeless person…  (You will understand shortly why I described the way I looked)

    The Man ahead of me, this Black person, paid for his Groceries, smiled at me and stated: “Have a Great Day”, of course I wished him the same… and he left the Store…

    Now it was my turn to pay the Cashier for my items which I did… As I was paying, the same Black man came back to the Store and he said Here I want you to have this!  He handed to me $10.00 USD!!!

    I did not know what to say, he took me by surprise, (to be honest I was embarrassed because there were a line of people in back of me and I am certain that a few must have heard what took place; not that he was loud, in fact he spoke softly) the only think that came to mind: I said to him, Why? With a warm smile he said: “Someone told me to” and walked way as I said “Thank you”.

    The Cashier was speechless as well… In the mean time I felt goose bumps on both of my arms! ( The hairs of my arms stood up).

    As you well know $10.00 is nothing nowadays, (Meaning you cannot buy much with $10.00) however, what took place today, what I stated above, I see such a gesture as HUGE!

    On my word of Honor what I stated above did happen as I described… Now comes the part that is hard to believe… as a matter of fact I am having problems with the story that I am about to tell you.

    Approximately 14 or 16 years ago, I went to a Store called 7/11 to buy a container of Hot Coffee, in Las Vegas, such stores are famous for their coffee because their coffee is always fresh…

    I remember that I was dressed in a Suit with a vest and for some reason I thought that I accidentally jumped the line, so I apologized and I told the man next to me, (A Black man also dressed in a nice suit)  to please go ahead of me that I did not mean to jump the line, he smiled and he stated :” No problem”… he poured the Coffee in his Container and proceeded towards the Cashier…

    Then it was my turn, I poured coffee in my Container, added Cream and then proceeded toward the cashier to pay for my Coffee…

    As I handed the money to the cashier to pay for my Coffee, the cashier said: The guy that just left paid for your Coffee!!!

    I went out quickly to say Thanks… but he was gone…

    Above I stated purposely that the above two (2) men were Black and I stated so for two (2) good reasons…

    First reason

    As you may know, I have been trying to help West Africans for Years with their Mining Needs and just this morning I wrote and published a Blog how they trust no one… So it seems… Actually I was told this by several people from West Africa.

    Second unbelievable Reason

    This is the part that sounds unbelievable… I believe that both of the men I mentioned above are one of the same! I did not recognize the man as being the same, however, I feel certain that I recognized his voice!!!

    I cannot swear that the two men I mentioned above are the same person, after all the man that paid for my Coffee, that took place approximately 15 Years ago or so…  We both aged…

    I am fully aware that the above is hard to believe, (Referring to the second part of my Story) no matter, I thought you would enjoy reading the first Story since it is a true and a warm Story.

    There is one thing I feel bad about that I never requested the name of either people? The above Scenarios happened too quickly…

    We all hear so much bad news from the Media, I thought I”d share this positive Good Story with you for a change…



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  1. This story is amazing and intriguing!

    What I learned with it is kindness opens doors and establishes connections.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    • funtasea says:

      Thank you Mr. Torres for taking the time to read my Story and to write your positive comment. Much appreciated. Dalli

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