• Another way to fund Dalli’s Pre-FUNTASEA Project… Via a $1 Million USD Loan.

    Posted on April 22, 2012 by funtasea in Articles.

    This Presentation is intended for the very rich… and for International Finders…

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    There is another way to raise the required money for me to develop my Pre-FUNTASEA Project in Las Vegas Nevada, USA.

    This has to do with my Buying Gold from West Africa and selling the Gold to a refinery in Dubai. See: www.dalligold.com

    I developed a Plan that if implemented, small scale Gold Miners situated in West Africa would beg me to buy their Gold at a reasonable discount…

    In order to implement my Plan I require $1 Million USD from one Wealthy person/a gambler that could afford to lose such money and would lend such money to me without any questions?

    In return for such Trust, within one Year, I would pay back such an Investor/Gambler the $1 million USD Plus another $1 Million USD in interest; a Total of $2 Million USD.

    Without any questions? (You the reader may think I am crazy!!!)

    Let me explain, via my Plan/my Concept, once implemented and once small scale Gold Miners see proof of what I would be doing to help them, (Supplying them with Modern Mining Equipment with no investment on their part) small scale gold Miners would line up to sell their Gold to me.

    Once my Concept is implemented via my Plan, a Domino effect would take place.

    I consider my Concept as an Invention that cannot be patented and this is the reason why I am seeking $1 Million USD from a Super Wealthy person that would be willing to lend the money to me without questions; so wealthy that if for whatever reason such a person would lose his or her one Million Dollars, he or she would simply write it off as a business loss and not be hurtful to him or her…

    I am very confident that my Plan would work successfully and I would be able to pay back the $1 Million USD plus another $1 Million USD in interest to such a brave investor in one year, however, I happen to know how most investors think …  most investors would require Collateral or a Bank Guarantee… A credit check and my First born… (Which I am not offering and will not supply)

    This is the reason that I am offering such a high return on the investment and named such an investment a “Gamble”.

    Because of my sound Plan I do not see this as a “Gamble”, however, since most investors are ultra conservative expecting Guarantees, (Which I am not offering) I purposely called this proposed Investment a Gamble but with a possibility of a high return.

    With all of the Gamblers/High Rollers in this World, I hope one of them will see this Offer and acts accordingly. Keeping in mind what I would be utilizing my Profits on… The “Pre-FUNTASEA”.

    Pre-FUNTASEA is a stepping stone to my Dream Project “FUNTASEA”.

    I am willing to pay Finders a Finder’s Fee of  5% if a Finder locates such an Investor/Gambler that would lend to me the above stated $1 Million USD; however, such a Finder would need to trust me and be willing to wait 6 months for his or her money;  from the time the loan of $1 Million USD is actually made to me and received in my Bank account.

    Why so? Why am I not offering the Finder’s Fee to be paid to the successful Finder once the $1 Million USD loan is made to me?

    The reason is simple,  I would not want the investor to think that I would be giving away a portion of his money… The Finder’s Fee or Commission would be paid from profits that I would earn from buying and selling Gold.

    I do not know if I will succeed in obtaining such a loan without a Bank Guarantee, or without Collateral and the fact that I am not willing to volunteer/tell what my Plan consists of to such an Investor…

    No question, this is a Shot in the dark… however, I cannot know the outcome without trying…

    To be clear, I am not seeking a Loan from a Bank or from any Lending Institution, I am seeking a Loan from a very Rich individual that can easily afford to lose his or her $1 Million USD in case something were to go wrong.

    I will not respond to any questions regarding my Plan…

    I will not supply/complete any type of a Loan Application…

    I will not pay a penny up-front to anyone for any reason…

    I am willing to sign an agreeable Contract that would be prepared by the Investor’s Attorney.

    I thank you for reading this Presentation and I am reachable by Email at: dalli@dalli.com



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  1. Ed Torres says:

    This is a very interesting and out-of-the-box proposal/offer! 🙂

    Perhaps you could present Funtasea at http://www.crowdrise.com/

    The concept is to register the idea at the site and let the readers decide if the project worth their donation.

    You can also research the word “crowdfunding” or ” crowd funding” at Google. There are other sources available.

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