• An Open Letter to All Americans… It is about certain Limitations…

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    Dear Americans,

    Since this blog is about “Limitations”, I will start with my own; because I have not had a formal education, my English is not the best, therefore I ask that you do not judge how I express myself, instead please consider the contents of my blogs.

    I often apologize regarding my stated limitations, because I feel that it is human nature for people to judge others by the way they express themselves and not necessarily by what is stated.

    Please read this blog with an open mind; just because I do not use “Big Words”, this does not mean that I am not capable of creating new ideas/new positive Concepts to help America…

    I am not American, however, I love America and all good Americans and I have lived in the US since 1952.

    Since I am not American, (I am a British Overseas Citizen) I cannot vote, therefore please believe me when it comes to politics I do not take sides; in other words, I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican nor an Independent; I am a neutral.

    As I stated above, I have lived in the US since 1952 and I have seen numerous Presidential Elections and I am of the opinion that since I have lived in America, President Bill Clinton did more Good for America (overall) than any other President.

    I am fully aware that the Republican party hated Bill Clinton and they and the Media did a number on him due to his personal affairs, however, History does not lie… when President Clinton was Elected President, America was in a Financial mess, but by the time he left his Office, America was in the black and doing extremely well.

    While Bill Clinton was in Office, America became number one again and people Worldwide loved him… I remember…

    Bill Clinton spoke beautifully and he performed accordingly…

    I am sorry to say, that ever since Bill Clinton left Office, America started to suffer…  going down hill…

    The following is what I have noticed:

    After Bill Clinton, every person that ran for Office started telling the American people that if elected they would lower Taxes; they stated so because they felt and feel that this is what Americans want to hear.

    The truth is that Governments need Tax money to exit, if not they would have to borrow money from other Countries. The problem is that when money is borrowed from other Countries, the US Government does not pay back such a debt, it is the Tax payers/Americans that will be stuck having to pay back such loans… (Via future Taxation)

    So what is the answer to this nonsense?

    I would like to see a person that is running for Office having the guts to give a speech to all Americans and to tell all Americans the truth that the US Government cannot exist without Taxation, however, that there is a new way to raise Taxes whereby everyone in America, Rich or poor and yes even Foreign visitors would pay a certain small Fair Tax. That if Elected as President of the United States, a new small Tax will be imposed on every item purchased, so as to make sure everyone pays the New Fair  Tax.

    I am not proposing to switch immediately from the present Income Tax to a Fair Tax and to immediately get rid of the IRS; instead via my idea, the small Fair Tax would be imposed in addition to the present Income  Tax and then gradually when the US Government sees what the Fair Tax would generate, gradually the Income Tax would be lowered and eventually eliminated altogether  along with the IRS…

    As you know, there is an old saying, “Talk is Cheap”, however, I truly believe that via what I stated above plus my other Concepts, America would become number One again…

    Like most Americans, I watch TV and no matter which Channel I turn, I hear the Silly Commercials; President Obama bashing Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney bashing the President!

    As you well know such Advertisements/commercials cost a great deal of money…  Money that many Americans have donated!

    With this in mind I have a couple of questions:

    Are you going to vote for the person that raised more money than the other? Are you going to Vote for the person that is better at bashing his opponent? Or are you going to vote for the person that expresses all the good that he or she would do for America  if Elected as the President of the USA?

    Here are two more questions:  (Food for thought)

    1) As of now, what has President Obama promised to do for America if Reelected?

    2) As of now, what has Mitt Romney promised to do for America if elected?

    If you have seen and heard the same TV Commercials that I have, your response to my questions would most likely be…  “Not much”…

    Do you agree that both these Gentlemen speak well, (Have good command of the English language) however, they are both Limited when it comes to new ideas on how to “Fix America”

    I cannot help it, I must say the following:

    I do not know how much money was spent on the War in Iraq;  a War that even President Obama stated (before he became President) that the Iraq War was a mistake…

    I wonder how Americans would have voted if they were given a choice:

    A) To spend the money on the Iraqi War…


    B) To spend the money to create my Dream Project for Humanity; “FUNTASEA”?

    Regarding this blog…  if you like it, share it…

    Thank you for reading it.



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