• A Shot in the Dark and an open Challenge; this is about President Obama, Mitt Romney and FUNTASEA!

    Posted on July 1, 2012 by funtasea in Articles.

    To President Obama and Mitt Romney,

    No disrespect meant to the Office of the United States Presidency, however, Gentlemen, Your TV commercials sound like two Children, “Nana-Nana-Nana”bashing each other and spending so many Millions of Dollars to get reelected or Elected as President of the USA ┬áin such a fashion is rather silly and wasteful.

    Instead of bashing each other, why not express to ALL AMERICANS what you would do for America┬áif reelected or elected as the next President of the United States…

    I have 7 points that I am, willing to share with either of you, (first come first served) Mr. President, if you contact me first and you Promise All Americans that you will do what I have in mind, you would be reelected as President of the United States by at least 65% of the Votes!

    Mr. Mitt Romney, if you contact me first and you promise to All Americans that you will do what I have in mind, you would be elected as the next President of the United States by at least 65% of the Votes.

    If either of you will contact me, the first thing I will ask of you is to Stop the bashing of each other, it is very unbecoming of your Stature…

    Here is a hint about the 7 Points; they have to do with the following: (All of the points are important and they are not necessarily in proper order)

    1) Taxation

    2) Jobs in America

    3) The Armed Forces situated Worldwide

    4) The burning of US Forests

    5) The Disasters that occur yearly in the Midwest due to rain

    6) The enormous present deficit.

    7) That your Speeches are given and stated to All Americans. (Not just to Democrats, or just to Republicans or just to Independents)

    This is my Challenge to either of you Gentlemen, I repeat, first come first served…

    If you contact me and if you like what I will express to you and if you utilize all of my 7 points when giving future Speeches to All Americans and If you are reelected or Elected as the next President of the United States; with at least 65% of the American Votes, I would want you to make a sizable donation towards my Dream Project FUNTASEA.

    If you are Reelected or Elected by less than 65% of the American votes, you would not need to make such a Donation.

    Please do not judge me by the way I have expressed myself in this presentation for unlike you, I have not had a formal education, however, I am 75 and I know better not to waste either of your time…

    I hope and pray that my message reaches both of you at the same time and then for one of you to act accordingly.

    I am aware that I could be facing ridicule, however, the subject matter is so important that if people wish to laugh at me because of the way I express myself; so be it…

    On the other hand, if you the reader feel that I should at least be heard, forward this presentation to President Obama or to Mitt Romney… Or the Media… What I have in mind is also about saving American lives, (Year after Year) if this is not important, I do not know what is…

    Thank you for reading this blog.



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