• International Professional Finders, would you like to see FUNTASEA come to be and earn money in the process for helping?

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    Dear International Finder,

    I have tried different ways to fund my long time Dream, “FUNTASEA” and failed…

    Since I am a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of California, I decided to do something different and I am hoping that via this new method, I will earn sufficient money so as to get my Dream started…

    As you may know even though the US Real Estate is depressed now, Foreigners are Buying/grabbing  US Real Estate like crazy!!!  Who are these Buyers? Where do they come from? Not just from China, see: http://www.creditsesame.com/blog/foreign-buyers-07212011/?refresh=none  (This is very interesting blog, see who these Foreigners are and where they are buying Real Estate).

    Because of this fact, I am now soliciting to represent such Foreign Investors.

    So that you know, I have been Licensed as a Real Estate Broker since 1976 and I certainly qualify to represent foreign Investors/Buyers.

    I am now seeking Listings of Real Estate for Sale ($3 Million USD and above) from U.S. Real Estate Brokers…

    As an International Finder, I need your help, I need you to solicit Real Estate Brokers to see if they wish to Advertise their Listings at: www.dalli.com  for Free… “Take a look see”…

    This task should not be difficult for you to accomplish since all Real Estate Brokers that have Listings of Real Estate need to Advertise and I am offering:   “Free” Advertising.

    This Advertising is truly Free because when I sell their Listings, Real Estate Brokers get to keep all of their Commissions since I will be paid by my Foreign Investors.

    What am I offering you?

    If you introduce me to a Real Estate Broker that has Exclusive Right to Sell Listings valued at over $3 Million USD and he or she send to me Photos and Synopsis of their Listings giving me permission to Advertise their Listings at Dalli.com; when I sell such Listings to Foreigners I will then compensate you by giving to you 30% of my Commission.

    Real Estate Brokers Licensed in the US that get paid their Commission from U.S. Sellers are not allowed to pay Finders’ Fees, therefore when you solicit Real Estate Brokers, please do not mention any compensation to you.

    Note: If a Real Estate Broker requests to receive an NCND from me, I would not be interested because this would mean that such a Broker would not have an Exclusive right to sell Listing/s.

    I am truly Offering all involved a Win-Win-Win scenario…

    The U.S. Real Estate Sellers Win because their Property would be seen Internationally, The Real Estate Brokers Win because they would receive Free Advertising and You would Win, because I would be able to pay to you Finder’s Fees Legally since I would be paid from my Foreign Investors.

    I am hoping that I made myself understood and I am hoping to receive your assistance…

    Thank you for reading this presentation.



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