FUNTASEA: Fun and Fantasy by the Sea

A resort Concept for all People including a Resort Concept for Seniors to Relive to! (Affordable Living, not existing)

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This is an Image of the AQUARANT

A one of a kind Concept, SEE: WWW.AQUARANT.NET

This is the interior of the AQUARANT

The AQUARANT is not just a Restaurant, its amenities include: International Dining, Night Club, Live Music, Dancing, Water Show, Outdoor Movies at night, Outdoor Cafe by the Waterfall, Sun bathing, Fashion Shows, Indoor table Games,etc.

Partial FUNTASEA Amenities

To understand the overall Concept please read the FUNTASEA Presentation at; WWW.FUNTASEA.COM

Partial FUNTASEA Amenities

The Concept FUNTASEA would be an asset no matter where created...

It is possible for FUNTASEA to come to be thanks to People Worldwide