FUNTASEA: Fun and Fantasy by the Sea

A resort Concept for all People including a Resort Concept for Seniors to Relive to! (Affordable Living, not existing)

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This is an Image of the AQUARANT

A one of a kind Concept

This is the interior of the AQUARANT

The AQUARANT is not just a Restaurant, its amenities include: International Dining, Night Club, Live Music, Dancing, Water Show, Outdoor Movies at night, Outdoor Cafe by the Waterfall, Sun bathing, Fashion Shows, Indoor table Games,etc.

Partial FUNTASEA Amenities

Second Scenario: The above is just a fraction of what FUNTASEA is about. To understand the overall Concept please read the FUNTASEA Presentation.

Partial FUNTASEA Amenities

Third Scenario: The above Image is to express a visual "FUN"... in no way is it meant to be accurate... Keep in mind that the above is not a Photo but an Image Presentation by Dalli. A personal note: Do you see the above person wearing a blue T shirt and white shorts and written on the back of the T shirt is "AQUARANT"... that person is me; Dalli. You may find it interesting, I took that photo of me using the Timer of my Camera... If you look close, I used the same photo on all 3 Scenarios...

It is possible for FUNTASEA to come to be thanks to People Worldwide